Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jeff Chynoweth Comments On Today's News

ICE GM Jeff Chynoweth comments on today's team news ...

On Chad Kletzel resigning
"Chad came to us at the end of the season when the playoffs were over and told us he was going to go back to teaching in Lethbridge. We certainly respect his decision. A lot has changed for Chad in the past year, he got married and they're expecting their first child any day now. From his end he gave it a go for a year and went back to what he was doing the past 15 years. It didn't catch us completely off-guard, I think it's a good decision for his part but we will miss him."

On newly acquired defenseman Clint Filabrandt
"He's a bit of an unknown, he was in Tri City for the whole season last year but didn't play a lot with the depth the Americans had on the back-end. When he did play he didn't look out of place. Given the circumstances that our team is in with the uncertainty with Tanner Muth I think this is an opportunity for him to step in and be an everyday player with our hockey club"

"We're hoping he can come in like Landon Peel did last year at the trade deadline. He came in from Tier 2 and didn't miss a beat and was a key contributor to our hockey club over the last few months of the regular season and playoffs. Head Scout Garnet Kazuik has like Clint through his minor hockey career in Calgary and I think this is an opportunity for him to come in, get a fresh start so to speak, be an everyday player and contribute to the success of our hockey club."

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